Helena Scarlata


Helena has been designing, creating beautiful jewellery  for over twelve years now. Her initial passion came from a love of looking through her mother’s jewellery box and playing dress-ups as a little girl. She would pull apart vintage broken pieces of jewellery and create elaborate jewellery that were uniquely hers.

Helena has always had a creative soul, however, she begun forging a career that was very customer focused and later she moved into management. In order to explore her love of jewellery she began creating jewellery pieces for friends and family as a hobbyist. She soon realised that her heart belonged to creating beautiful unique jewellery for women. Over time, the increased demand from friends and private clients made setting up the business a natural progression.

It did not take long and she was selling around Melbourne quite successfully. In 2007 she then moved to the USA and carried the business focusing on the fashion jewellery and bridal market there. Helena really loved the time spent in the US and felt that the experience with a culturally different market was invaluable. This also gave her a wonderful chance to set up relationships with American suppliers.

She then returned to Melbourne in 2009 and worked closely with a talented jewellery designer for more experience in the bridal retail industry. Helena quickly realised that there was a gap in the bridal/fashion market for unique, excellent quality jewellery that was actually affordable and Australian made. She knew she could fill this gap with her experience, creativity and strong customer service background. Hence, Curvaceous Design begun and focused on creating beautiful jewellery that was both unique and affordable. In 2011 Helena moved to Shanghai, China and also sold and tailored her jewellery to the market there.

In 2015, Helena reduced her business in order to further her expertise in the industry and become a professional jeweller.  Over the past 3 years she made way for professional study at RMIT in a Fine Arts Degree of Gold and Silver Smithing. In her third year in 2017 she was awarded The Best student for 2017 RMIT. She is currently studying at RMIT in an Honours Year and creating bespoke pieces for clients.

Helena's design style and jeweller technical ability has excelled, developed and grown into an extraordinary body of work. Her pieces have won awards and are currently selling around Australia. Helena states:  My work currently amalgamates the natural world with the unnatural. My practice delves deep into my imagination and integrates my love of nature and my fascination with homeotic forms. Working with precious metals, gems, glass and unexpected materials I am able to create works that look beyond the distraction of the conspicuous and seek to portray each piece as a “unique self”. I am very passionate about my work and simply love what I do!



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